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To make it easy for our customers, we’ve broken down the easiest and fastest way to get your 10 cent refund for eligible containers, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1. Collect your eligible containers

From 1 December 2019, all beverage manufacturers will be required to display a refund mark on eligible containers, but not all have yet, so here’s an outline of what containers can and can’t be refunded.

Eligible containers

Beverage containers that you generally consume away from home are eligible for a 10 cent refund:

  • Soft drinks – cans & plastic (up to 3L)
  • Bottled water (plain or carbonated) – plastic & glass (up to 3L)
  • Small flavoured milk – cardboard & plastic (up to 1L)
  • Glass wine & pure spirit bottles (between 150ml & 3L)
Non-eligible containers

Containers that are generally used at home are not eligible for a 10 cent refund. You can check out more about non-eligible containers here.

Step 2. Prepare your containers

To save time when you arrive at the depot, here’s how to prepare your containers for a fast refund:

All containers must be:
  • Empty – All containers must be empty. Any with liquids still in them will not be accepted.
  • Sorted – Glass must be brought in separately for safety reasons, but for faster processing, we recommend sorting all of your containers into types: plastic, cans, glass, cardboard. (Broken glass will not be accepted)
  • Packaged up – This makes for efficient unloading of your containers
    • Glass bottles: Please put your glass bottles in a box or hard container.
    • Containers: Items such as cans, plastic bottles etc should be bagged up.
  • Lids removed – Remove all lids and dispose of these in your green top council bin. These, unfortunately, cannot be recycled (the little plastic ring around bottle necks is fine to leave on).
  • Rinsed – Flavoured milk containers must be empty and rinsed
  • Crushed (optional) – Containers can be lightly crushed (Cans crushed with a can crusher are fine. Completely flattened cans will not be accepted ie. Cans that have been run over by a vehicle.)

Step 3. Cash or deposit

Before you bring your containers in, you’ll need to decide if you’re wanting to be paid via cash in hand or deposit into your bank account of choice.

Want to be paid with cash?

No problem! You’re ready to bring your containers in right away to collect your refund.

Want to be paid via EFT into your bank account?

If you’d like your refund to be deposited directly into your bank account via electronic funds transfer (EFT) you’ll need to set up a Containers for Change™ account.

You’ll then be issued with a Containers for Change™ Member Number (previously known as Scheme ID number) which you’ll need to bring with you each time you bring in containers to be refunded.

Once your drop-off has been processed, we’ll give you a printout of your refund so you can keep track of what’s being deposited into your bank account.

Want to donate your refund?

You can donate your refund to a sporting club, charity, community group or school of your choice, just bring their Containers for Change™ Member Number(previously known as Scheme ID number) account number with you when you bring in your containers.

If you’re a group or charity, here’s where you can sign up to receive refund donations.

Step 4. Bring in your containers

You’re now ready to bring in your containers to get your refund! When you arrive at our depot we ask that you follow these easy steps:

  1. While you’re waiting to be served, for safety reasons please remain in your car and wait for instructions from our friendly staff (our depot is fully shaded for your comfort).
  2. When it’s your turn to be served, a staff member will collect your containers from your vehicle for you.
  3. Our staff will hand-count your containers and once complete, we’ll let you know your total. (As required by the Containers for Change™ scheme, larger drop-offs of 825 containers or more do require photo ID to be shown before payment can be processed).

If you’re happy the count is correct, your assisting staff member will then take your count to our office to process your refund.

NB. Generally, our quieter times are before 3pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, which means shorter waiting times for customers.

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Container Exchange (Services) Pty Ltd owns the CONTAINERS FOR CHANGE brand, and reserves all of its rights.

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What containers are eligible?

Find out what you can & can't cash in.

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