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Eligible containers

Containers that you can receive a 10-cent refund for, are generally for drinks that you’d consume when you’re away from home, such as:

  • Soft drinks – cans and plastic (up to 3L)
  • Bottled water (plain or carbonated) – plastic and glass (up to 3L)
  • Small flavoured milk – cardboard and plastic (up to 1L)
  • Glass wine & pure spirit bottles (between 150ml & 3L)

Non-eligible containers

The 10 cent refund doesn’t apply to containers that are generally used at home. Most of these non-eligible containers can still be put in your home recycle wheelie bin though.

Non-eligible containers are:

  • Cordial
  • Large Fruit or Vegetable drinks – containers 1L or larger
  • Plain milk – plastic and cardboard
  • Plain milk alternative drinks – (eg. Soy, Almond, other milk alternative drinks)
  • Large flavoured milk – containers 1L or larger
  • Other non-beverage containers  

Still not sure about your container?

You can check containers via their barcode on the Containers for Change™  website. Check out your container via its barcode.

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